So, why choose a Relationship Coach instead of a therapist? Think of it this way, when a team wants to win, they hire a coach, not a therapist. The coach draws out a plan and strategizes on how to achieve the goal, which is to win. The team follow the plan, practices the plan, learns the plans, and executes the plan, hence, reaching their goal. When a team member isn’t strong enough to run around the track, the coach doesn’t go through the process of trying to help the team member figure out why they are the way you are…. No! The coach comes up with a strength and endurance training exercises, coaches the member through the process to gain the strength and endurance they need to run around the track successfully. Hence, bringing the whole team closer to attaining their goal quicker, and that goal is to win.

That is what Relationship Coaches do for relationships, Relationships coaches help couples reach their goals faster. The job of a Relationship Coaches is to help couples reach their relationship goals by building skills, strategizing a plan, and coaching them through the execution process. The Focus of a therapist is to help couples discover the emotional and psychological limitations that affect their relationship, and hopefully get them to find solutions to their own problems by looking within, and there is certainly a place for this type of approach. This approach serves best for couples individually because couples and relationships, are made up of individuals, and the healthier the individual emotionally, and psychologically, the healthier the relationship. However, if you are a couple who is ready to work as a team and reach your goals faster whilst improving on your weakness as individuals? Then a Relationship Coach is the right choice for you, and you have come to the right place.

 Ifeoma’s quest is to help you reach your goals as a couple, through coaching services and resources, using theological (If requested) and psychological approaches to generate a healthy balanced lifestyle that encompasses spirituality and practicality in a caring, comfortable, and nonjudgmental environment.

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