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I’m Ifeoma – Author, Speaker, Coach & Life Strategist

Meet Ifeoma Thompson, your Relationship Coach, Educator, Speaker, and Author. Ifeoma is also the  founder of Thrive Mediation for Couples, and her passion is to Build Relationships/Marriages That Thrive. Ifeoma believes that Marriage Should Be Enjoyed, not Endured, and she asserts that Marriage is the only institution where one receives their diploma first, then they go to school (Think about it). This probably plays a part on why the divorce rate is still at an all-time high, especially since the Covid 19 Pandemic.  “They” say the single most important ingredient in any relationship is Communication, and this is valid. However,  unless you pursued a carrier in the field of communication, chances are, you never received  education on the intricacies and dynamics of communication.

   There’s  an old age advice that says “once you get married, keep your issues to yourselves!” In other words, don’t air your dirty laundry, especially to your in-law’s! And rightfully so…. But, the question becomes….Then how? and where? are couples supposed to gain this vital skill of communication? How do couples learn  to become active listeners and reflective responders? How do they learn to play the speaker/ listener roles? 

Well, good thing Ifeoma is not your girlfriend, or your coworker, and she is certainly not your in-law. Hence, she can be objective, and she is here to actively listen, encourage, and coach you through the challenges that inevitably come with marriage, she is here to help you find fulfillment in your Relationships.

Ifeoma received her degree in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University, where She received extensive training in psychology, psychiatry and physical disabilities. Ifeoma has been practicing Occupational Therapy for more than 16 years. She also secured a Masters in Pastoral Counseling with a concentration in family and marriage counseling from Liberty University where she graduated with highest honors. 

Ifeoma is certified in Prepare/ Enrich, a highly researched and standardized couples’ assessment, administered to couples to gain critical insight on what areas of the relationship the couples are most inept. Ifeoma uses the Gottman Method with couples to build healthy skills in communication, reflective listening, and active listening skills. Ifeoma is certified in SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts), a comprehensive standardized assessment tool used for engaged couples who are preparing for marriage because, prevention is always better than cure. A certification in SUICIDE “PAIRS” also allows Ifeoma to perceive and recognize any sings of suicide ideation that may require referral.

Ifeoma’s journey as an Occupational Therapist to a Relationship Coach, Couples Mediator and Life Coach, is one guided by a passion that resonates from seeing how broken homes affect children and their future. Ifeoma is happily married to a wonderful man for over a decade, and they have two wonderful boys together.

Let me help you find the joy and gratification that comes with sharing your life with a lifelong partne

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